• Contemporary concrete countertops

    Our tops are made by hand so they are perfect in their uniqueness.
    We use natural aggregates and a crystal forming bonding process to achieve a beautiful finish
  • I love the solid look & feel of my Stoneweave countertops. ” 

    Leigh Coddon, Stoneweave client

Contemporary concrete countertops

Stoneweave concrete countertops are made to last a lifetime - whether in your kitchen, bathroom, bar or entertainment area. Our concrete countertops are created with a unique blend of aggregates and our secret formula, then polished to a luxurious shine. We have been desigcape ning, patenting, engineering and reinventing concrete surfaces & products for over 10 years.

These beautiful concrete tops are available in the Western Cape in South Africa and is one of the only concrete countertops locally manufactured.

Perfection is the key

We believe that attention to detail is paramount in delivering a product that is unique and of exceptional quality, which is why every Stoneweave countertop is crafted by hand using natural aggregates and a crystal forming bonding process to achieve a beautiful character and finish. The concrete mix includes a specialised fibre which creates the stunning Stoneweave look that is hand polished to a beautiful shine. We then seal with a long lasting sealer that prevents staining or surface damage. These concrete countertops are a perfect and cost effective alternative to engineered stone, quartz and granite surfaces.


Beach White


A lasting trend

Locally and internationally, concrete has long been revered by architects, renovators, interior designers and trendsetters for its earthy and robust elegance. With its versatility and aesthetic charm, it is no wonder that concrete has become a leading choice today for countertops in the home, hospitality and tourism trade.

Polished and smooth to the touch, Stoneweave concrete countertops are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and the retail and housing markets. We are proud suppliers to leading retail outlets, contemporary dining establishments and the residential housing market in South Africa and throughout the rest of the continent.

Our standard range

Carbon black


Strong and durable

Concrete is strong, durable and well-known for its environmentally-sound properties. At only 20mm thick, each Stoneweave top is slender, yet robust.

Stoneweave is at the forefront of advanced concrete technology: We apply a unique multi-step technique in our manufacturing process that ensure each countertops is durable and strong, yet beautiful.

All our products have exceptional heat resistance and when used in conjunction with Stoneweave sealant, our countertops are stain proof.  


Storm Grey


Bespoke, yet cost-effective

Concrete is versatile.

Our products are available at a fraction of the outlay you would make for similar coloured granite, marble or engineered quartz surfaces.  In addition, as Stoneweave countertop products are handmade using stone composite, we are able to work with clients to design, manufacture and install their ideal countertops.

Speak to us today about your bespoke requirements.


Customise your size

We can manufacture customised concrete countertops to any size and can cast shorter and longer lengths than regularly stocked. Please feel welcome to contact us for specialised sizes. We are only limited by the access dimensions in your premises.

Countertop quotations

Our consultants will provide a speedy quotation according to your specific requirements. You can look at and feel our samples, and request custom sizes and new ideas for concrete applications

Nationwide deliveries

We can arrange delivery within South Africa or Africa. International orders usually make sense in bulk and Stoneweave is particularly cost effective as an export product.

Countertop installations

We insist that your Stoneweave counters are installed with the same level of care and dedication as they were made! We can recommend local installers with a track record of projects undertaken in both residential and commercial properties.

  • Stoneweave were able to make my customised sized concrete countertop. I love how they look too! ” 

    Heather Behn, Stoneweave Client

Why concrete?

Each Stoneweave concrete countertop is handmade and completely unique. Like a beautiful piece of handmade pottery, you never know the true finish untill it is cooled and processed after the kiln. We can't see below the surface of the concrete untill the diamonds begin their hard work, grinding the surface to expose the true inner beauty of the concrete. Using diamonds to cut concrete is a true testament of the fantastic strength and durability of concrete countertops. 

Concrete is the best choice for countertops when deciding on both indoor and outdoor tables. UV safe and beautiful concrete countertops make a true statement of natural beauty. Stoneweave concrete tops are manufactured to custom sizes. They can be made any thickness, length and width. Stoneweave is happy to give customer satisfaction in achieving the dream countertop by adding various aggregates to achieve a unique polished concrete finish. Concrete countertops are a true artform created by professional artisans.