There are many edges available for your countertops. Here are some examples of a Bullnose edge. What is a bullnose edge? It is a rounded corner. This is a good option for tops that may be bumped with heavy industrial objects that can chip the tops edge. Rounded edges chip less easily than square, bevelled or pencil edges.
Concrete reaches its strongest state after 28 days of being cast. This process is called curing and this plays an important role in strength development and durability of concrete. Curing takes place immediately after the concrete is cast into it's mold and involves the maintaining of a  desired moisture level and temperature. While Stoneweave carries stock of popular ordered sizes, during periods of high demand, and if custom sizes are ordered, clients are advised that curing times will not be reduced to rush orders. This is in the interest of client's and installers safety, and the longevity of your countertops
Our products are made of concrete and thus can carry important loads. Heavy loads or bumps may result in brittle fractures. We strongly recommend:
  • Not to sit, stand or kneel on your counter;
  • Not to load our product with heavy pieces of equipment;
  • Not to drop heavy objects onto the surface..
Our products are sealed and protected against scratches. Scratches will deteriorate the sealant over time and damage the concrete: the product may have to be re-polished and re-sealed over time. We strongly recommend:
  • Not to cut directly on the surface as scratching will occur;
  • Not to use abrasive household cleaners or to scrub forcefully any area of the product;
  • Not to attempt to re-seal the product: please contact us if required.
Our products are sealed and protected against acids. Long exposure to specific acid liquids, strong chemicals and solvents will affect the physical structure of our products. We strongly recommend:
  • Not to leave any liquids to stagnate on our products for prolonged periods of time;
  • Not to leave the product exposed to acidic components (lemon juices, wine) for few hours;
  • Not to clean with oven/grill cleaners, dishwasher polishing or any product other than soap or mild detergent. Always rinse to remove chemical residues.
Our products are heat resistant. Long exposure to heat will deteriorate the sealant over time and damage the concrete. We strongly recommend to use coasters or trivets to keep hot objects away from the concrete surface.